A professional fitting service at an unbelievable low price, with service which serve with our full heart.

  • Cheapest Throughout United Kingdom- £89GBP
  • Flexible Timing- Available until 10pm Sunday
  • Fast Fitting- Finish in 2 hours    
  • Fast Booking- Same Day Fitting Available                                                          (Telephone Booking only)  
  • Excellent Location- Coventry City Center
  • Confident Guarantee- 12 months warranty included
  • Use Only High Quality and Long Lasting Vinyl Decals
  • Guarantee Professional Services
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Cheapest Throughout United Kingdom

Apart from our excellent services and location, we also guarantee that no one else could provide a cheaper price than us. The price of fitting viper stripes on average market price is around above £200GBP. However, we do manage to provide a better service quality with only £89GBP. Also, we provide a wide range of colors to be chosen by you.

£89GBP = white viper stripes with fittings (same day fitting available)

£109GBP= other colors viper stripes with fittings (takes up to 5 days to prepare)

The amount above includes fitting the FRONT, TOP, and BACK of your MINI.




Wide Range of Colors

For the viper stripes, we often wide range of colors.

Please choose your favorite color and let us know. We will then be able to fit it on to your MINI immediately.



Excellent Location- Coventry City Center

Have you ever been to Coventry? Coventry is the 9th largest city in England and the 11th largest in the United Kingdom. It is also the second largest city in the English Midlands, after Birmingham. Our fitting location is right at the very center of Coventry. By walking less than 5 mins, you will arrive at the Shopping malls, restaurants, WHSmith, IKEA, HMV, etc. Comparing our location with others competitor, we are locate at the city center, while the others located at such rural area which the closest town is 5 miles away. Instead of driving a few hours to a rural area to get your MINI fitted, and stuck there waiting for a couple hours watching people to fit your car, why not come to Coventry and fit your MINI by us, and spend your day with your family in Coventry.




Fast Fitting & Flexible Timing

Comparing us with our others competitors, we are proud to be able to finish the fitting in less than 2 hours while maintaining the top quality service. We understand your time is very precious, and in order to save your precious time, we promise to finish fitting your car as soon as possible.

We have employees working from day to day in order to suit your busy time schedule. Our working hours is from Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm which allows you to come after work or school.





Guarantee Professional Services

Although we charge much cheaper than any other competitors, all of our employees are fully trained, happy to advise you on how to customize your car, and guarantee to provide the service quality higher than you expected.

Also, we also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means we will not charge you a penny if the quality of our service is below standard.





Use Only High Quality and Long Lasting Vinyl Decals

The vinyl of the viper stripes we use is the highest quality among markets, as using substandard material will result in the vinyl shrinking or cracking. Our preferred material is oracal 751. which is a 7 year material. This allows us to be fully responsible for our fitting and provide you a 12 months warranty. Whenever your car's viper stripes started to peel off for any reason, just give us a call and we will re-fit the viper stripes on for you again.





UKs Leading Suppliers Of Custom Mini Graphics (average) 


£89 for white viper stripes

£109 for any other colors, Gold, Silver, etc

£200+ for white viper stripes

£250+ for other colors


Coventry- 5mins walking distance to the City Center, IKEA, Shopping Mall, etc

Old Dalby- 5 miles away from the closest town, etc

   Time of Fitting

Guarantee within 2 hours- probably between 1hour-1.5hours

At least 2 hours- 2 hours+

   Appointment Booking

Same day fitting available and at most up to 5 days     (Telephone Booking Only For Same Day Fitting)       

Around 2 weeks


100% confident guarantee- 12 months warranty available

No warranty at all

   Working Hours

Monday to Sunday 9am-10pm - Anytime is OKAY!

Limited Office Hours- 9am-5pm



Served more than hundreds of people - 100% Confidence Guarantee

"Excellent seller, excellent service, excellent location, no hidden feesm 89 pounds and that's it. Thankyou AA+++++." - Molly Morton, Enrichment education instructor

"Sticker doesnt fit my van but seller been very kind and offer a full refund." - Louis Welch, Fire inspector

"Speaking as a consumer, I’ll be definately recommend this company." - Thomas Ford, Foreign language interpreter"

Fast Fittings, Top Quality, Good Transaction, Many Thanks." - Megan K. Clarke, Recruiter

"Great service. great price, great communication, quick delivery, great suppliers. " - Joshua Rich, Students

"A++++++, fits perfect, fast fitting- thank you!" - Kenelm Ambrose, Conservator"





Call us, email us, or click HERE to contact us now: +(44)-777-112-0001  / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Pay via PayPal or any major credit card - PayPal account NOT required.

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